London marathon blog: 28 days to go

30th Worksop Half Marathon and Fun Run, the Guardian's Debbie Sansom (w111101-3h)
30th Worksop Half Marathon and Fun Run, the Guardian's Debbie Sansom (w111101-3h)

IT’S less than a month. Less than a month and I cannot wait. Last week’s 20 miler went better than expected. I did it for one.

Also, for a change, I drove to Worksop and then ran to Edwinstowe. Psychologically this was far far better because from the first step I was running home.

And I laid everything out for when I got in so I knew I was running back to a big drink and a nice snack. I even put my book by the bath all ready.

Unfortunately my plan to experiment with running gels failed. I went to two supermarkets and couldn’t find any.

So this week after a quick bit of research on Runners World website I ordered myself 6 Go gels in a variety of flavours.

The plan is to try some of them tomorrow and see how I get on. Last week I was chomping on dry jelly babies from the five mile mark and I decided not only did I feel like I wanted to stop and brush my teeth, surely it’s also a choking hazard running and eating?

The main measure of success of last week’s 20 miles was that I could walk the next day, and I didn’t get injured, it took a whopping 3 hours and 56 minutes.

The best news is that after this week, according to my plan, I can cut down the long runs to a ‘more reasonable’ 18 miles, followed by a wonderful 15, then 10, before the big race itself.

I also managed a swim at Worksop Leisure Centre this week on Monday which I am sure helped stretch everything out.

My excitement about the whole race has been further fuelled by the arrival of my number in the post, and a magazine including aerial shots of the course.

But even more than that I have now passed £2,300 mark online, absolutely amazing stuff.

Support from the Guardian staff has been great this week.

As well as listening to me drone on about running, many of the gals have been bringing in (what has been described by some less charitable members of staff) as ‘old tat’ that is now for sale in the kitchen.

I’ve basically converted the kitchen into a bring and buy sale for Wessex Cancer Trust which is excellent.

I even got my mum a couple of particularly bad CDs from X-Factor rejects of the past and present.

I’ll update you next week on how this week’s long run goes, fingers crossed it’s as good as last week’s.