Lincoln Wheeler chases Viking rider

Julian Hesp saw off all comers to win the Viking Velo 10 mile time trial, in a very fast 23 minutes six seconds.

He was chased home by Lincoln Wheelers David Butler who finished over a minute behind in a good time of 24:23.

There were great rides from Ian Ferraby , Arran Watson, Ian and Mechele Barley.

Results: 1st Julian Hesp 23 mins 06 secs (Viking Velo), 2nd David Butler 24 mins 23 secs (Lincoln Wheelers), 3rd Ian Ferraby 26 mins 39 secs (Viking Velo), 4th Ruth Wilson 26 mins 49 secs (Strategic Lions), 5th Jud Parker 27 mins 27 secs, 6th Arran Watson 27 mins 58 secs (Viking Velo), 7th Kev Lovett 28 mins 23 secs (Velo Lincoln) 8th Ian Barley 28 mins 36 secs (Viking Velo), 9th Phil Burton 29 mins 44 secs, 10th Mechele Barley 31 mins 28 secs (Viking Velo), 11 th Helen Robinson 31 mins 36 secs, 12th Andy Clarke 32 mins 37 secs (Viking Velo), 13th Simon Carter 34 mins 53 secs.

On Thursday (14th) the 15 mile or eight mile time trial starts on Laughton Lane, with the first rider off at 6.30 pm.