Junior rugby: Goole u8s shine in Driffield

Goole under-eights hat trick scorer James Ward with coach Dan Hatton
Goole under-eights hat trick scorer James Ward with coach Dan Hatton

Goole under-eights gave a good account of themselves during the popular Driffield rugby festival.

See Goole RUFC’s take on the day below.

This week saw Goole travel to a very windy Driffield for their penultimate festival of the season.

In the first game they played Driffield Bears and with almost a full team in attendance, coach Dan Hatton had his pick of players.

Goole started brightly with Ben Hatton scoring within seconds of the first whistle. Fabulous runs by Josh Priestley and Joe Green set Goole off again with Priestley going over the line.

Swift tagging by James Ward, Charlie Wilcox and Green could unfortunately not stop Driffield scoring.

From the restart Jake Rawlings, with the help of Hatton and Wilcox, set-up Lucas Walton’s try before half time.

The second half started with Goole in defence with James Gibson and Sam Wood leading the charge, but despite their brave efforts, Driffield scored once more.

James Kendra and Lewis Vollens got the ball moving again but a loss of possession meant Driffield were free to run. Although Gibson made a spectacular diving tag, Driffield made it over the line with the one step ruling.

Woody Butler’s run and pass to Cole Barker set up Luke Brigham to score.

A wonderfully executed one-two between Barker and Brigham saw both cover half the field each and Barker, tagged on the line, made the pass to Brigham to score his second ending the game with a scoreline of Goole winning 5-3.

Goole’s second game was against Scunthorpe.

In a tougher meeting, Scunthorpe soon had Goole on the back foot scoring almost immediately.

Frankie Read’s pass to James Ward combined well with a good defensive line which gave Ward the room he needed for a solo run and try.

Tagging attempts by Wilcox and Butler couldn’t stop a Scunthorpe player covering most of the pitch to score.

Priestley’s run set up Ward for try number number, swiftly followed by a third for his very well-deserved hat-trick.

Scunthorpe scored again twice before the half time whistle.

Scunthorpe started the second half with an unfortunate knock-on that gave Wood the chance he needed to run the length. Another brilliant Gibson tag again failed to stop Scunthorpe scoring.

From the restart Barker made an exciting weaving run to evade all defence attempts and scored in the corner.

A late Scunthorpe try ended the game Goole 5 Scunthorpe 6.

The third game was against Pocklington with the Goole boys again starting brightly with Barker to Brigham who was forced into touch.

Pocklington used the turnover ball well - scoring from it.

Brilliant passing between Barker, Gibson, Wood and Butler followed only for the latter to be denied by Pocklington again forcing into touch Pocklington’s possession however was short lived as Kendra finished off a well-earned six tag turnover.

Woods’ pass to Brigham lead to another Goole try.

Pocklington managed to score once more as the whistle blew.

Hatton started well, forcing Pocklington to make errors.

Priestley combined with Wilcox enabling the latter to score.

Pocklington were again pressured into making errors and fine runs by Ward and Green gave Walton a chance to put the ball over the line.

A swift Pocklington try was quickly followed by Hatton’s pass to Read for Read to score ending the game Goole 4-3 Pocklington.

The penultimate game of the day was against Malton.

Brigham made a great run in the opening seconds of the game to score Goole’s first try.

Hatton then defended brilliantly to force Malton into touch. A series of turnover balls ensued finally giving Malton the possession and chance to score.

As Goole were in touch, Malton once again got the ball but Goole’s determination shone as they won a six tag turnover.

Passing between Green, Read and Wilcox paved the way for Priestley to score.

The second half began the same as the first but this time it was Butler’s turn to make the run who was unfortunate not to score.

Again tagging attempts were in vain as Malton made it over the line once more.

More tries for Malton followed but Goole weren’t ready to give up, Kendra scoring twice in the last minutes of the game for Goole 4 Malton 6.

Goole’s final game of the day was against Sandal.

They played an outstanding game. Read passed to Priestley to see him over the line in the first play of the game.

Goole’s defence stepped up brilliantly to win a six tag turn over.

Barker and Wood made runs that lead to Priestley scoring once more.

A score from Sandal swiftly followed by great evasive running by Brigham, giving Goole another score.

Another turnover was earned by Goole as Walton scored.

Sandal were then forced into touch, Kendra passed to Barker who ran the full pitch only to be tagged just short of the line and passed to Brigham who put it down.

A dropped Sandal ball was picked up by Walton and passed to Priestley to score his hat trick.

The second half was end-to-end with neither team getting the upper hand. Read was first to make the breakthrough by scoring.

Sandal quickly returned the favour at the opposite end.

Wilcox, Butler and Gibson lead the defensive charge and Goole again forced errors.

Hatton set up Green to score the last try of the game as the rest was spent in a defence deadlock for Goole 8 Sandal 2.

Individual accolades were given to Josh Priestley, Jake Rawlings, Joe Green and James Ward.