Harriers off to great start thanks to Nathan

Nathan Langley of Worksop Harriers
Nathan Langley of Worksop Harriers

YOUNGSTER Nathan Langley gave the Worksop Harriers’ summer season the best possible start, setting a new league record in the shot put at the opening meeting of the Notts Track and Field competition.

Langley’s 8.74m at the Harvey Hadden Stadium in Nottingham sparked a strong team performance, with Harriers finishing second overall.

The next meeting in the league is at Kirkby-in-Ashfield on 26th May.

Results: Under 11 boys – Hayden Greaves: high jump (2nd, 1m, G4), 80m (13.8), Eathan Hibbert: 600m (4th, 2:14), 150m (6th, 27.1), Regan Langley: chest push (4th, 5.07m), 600m (2:32.3), Laith Gladwin: 80m (5th, 13.2), high jump (0.95m), Oliver Oakes: 150m (28.2), chest push (4.76m), Callum Ward: 150m (29.4), 600m (2:15.2), 4 x 100m relay: Oliver, Laith, Hayden & Eathan (2nd, 69.6).

Under 11 girls – Erin Lonsdale: 600m (1st, 2:10.1), 150m (4th, 28.6), Emma Gooch: chest push (2nd, 4.21m), long jump (1.78m), Charlotte Mills: long jump (5th, 2.44m), 80m (6th, 14.4), Laura Betts: 150m (29.0), chest push (3.77m), Katy Phealan: 600m (2:27.5), chest push (3.35m), Maisie Durkin: 600m (2:36.9), chest push (4.01m), Emma Parker: 80m (15.6), long jump (2.03m), 4 x 100m relay: Emma, Maisie, Erin & Sophie (4th, 75.1).

Under 13 boys – Nathan Langley: Shot (1st, 8.57m, G3, Record), 200m (33.7), Aidan Needham: 1,500m (3rd, 5:40.0), 75m hurdles (4th, 19.1), javelin (14.56m), Oliver Beckett: 100m (4th, 16.0), long jump (6th), Jo Dixon: 100m (17.9), javelin (5th, 11.65m), David Little: 1500m (5:43.1), javelin (12.07m), shot (4.08m), Joshua Charters: 1500m (5:45.2), 200m (37.2), javelin (10.06m), James Needham: 1500m (6:13.0), long jump (2.71m), shot (3.94m), Bradley Smith: 100m (16.9), 200m (35.0), James Bedford: 100m (17.5), 200m (39.4), long jump (2.99m), James Carratt: javelin (10.35m), shot (5.29m), 4 x 100m relay: Nathan, Nathan, Oliver & Aidan (4th, 69.0).

Under 13 girls – Emily Race: high jump (1st, 1.3m, G4), 75m hurdles (2nd, 13.3), shot (3rd, 6.67m, G4), Sophie Mills: 200m (2nd, 30.7), 100m (3rd, 14.2, G4), high jump (1.2m), Ellie Wheatley: 1200m (2nd, 4:23.9), 100m (14.3, G4), high jump (2.2m), Lucy Harrop:javelin (2nd, 14.56m), 1200m (4:25.6), 75m hurdles (15.5), Emma Greaves: 100m (15.6), 200m (34.2), Mia Green: 100m (15.6), 1200m (5:00.1), Charlotte Oakes: 100m (16.2), 1200m (4:55.4), javelin 8.74m), Amelia Harrop: 100m (17.1), high jump 1.1m), Ellie Dawson: 100m (17.6), shot (4.18m), Chloe Sanders: 100m (18.4), high jump (0.95m), Chloe Turner 100m (19.2), javelin 6.23m), shot (3.5m), 4 x 100m relay: Charlotte, Emily, Ellie & Charlotte (2nd, 59.6).

Under 15 boys – Ryan Page: high jump (1st, 1.35m), 100m (3rd, 12.7), discus (3rd, 20.83m), James Lonsdale: 1500m (2nd, 4:51.6), 00m (4th, 45.1), 3100m (14.0), Thomas Carratt: 75m hurdles (4th, 17.9), shot (4th, 5.75m), George Earle: 1500m (5:21.4), 300m (48.5), high jump (1.25m), Daniel Little: 1500m (5:26.9), 300m (54.8), Josh Hibbert: shot (5.43m), Daniel Beckett: 100m (17.1) , 1500m (6:53.3), discus (9.96m), 4 x 100m relay: Josh, James, Thomas & Ryan (3rd, 56.8).

Under 15 girls – Georgina Page: discus (1st, 18.39m), shot (1st, 7.74m), Chloe Hallewell: 100m (4th, 15.6), long jump (5th, 3.46m), Bethan Dennis: 200m (4th, 31.5), 1500m (5:51.1), shot (5.98m), Stephanie Oakes: 75m hurdles (3rd, 16.7), 1500m (4th, 5:49.4), Lauren Ward: 1500m (6:01.3), 75m hurdles (18.1), long jump (3.17m), Amy Smith: long jump ( 3.36m), 4 x 100m relay: Stephanie, Bethan, Lauren & Chloe (4th, 63.8).