Harriers in Lincolnshire league meeting

THE Worksop Harriers have joined the Lincs Track and Field League to give the whole club – juniors, seniors and veterans – the opportunity to compete together.

The third meeting in this year’s league was held at Grantham.


Junior boys: Regan Langley (U11) long jump (7th, 1,89m); Nathan Lagley (U13) 800m (5th, 257.6), 200m (4th, 31.8), shot (6th, 6.46m); James Lonsdale (U13) 800m (1st, 225.6), 200m (2nd, 29.8); James Battle (U13) long jump (8th, 3.55m); Richard Battle (U15) javelin (4th, 6.54m), discus (1st, 13.75m), shot (2nd, 5.76m).

Junior Girls: Charlotte Oakes (U13) long jump (3.13m), “00m (10th, 34.4); Bethany Platford (U15) 100m (5th, 15), 200m (6th, 30.4), long jump (9th, 3.95m); Stephanie Oakes (U15) 1mile (4th, 608.6), high jump (=6th, 1.25m); Georgina Page (U15) javelin (5th, 11.9m), shot (2nd, 7.88m), discus (4th, 17.44m); Sarah Gooch (U15) javelin (1st, 25.37m), shot (4th, 6.59m), discus (5th, 17.31m); 4 x 200m relay Bethany, Sarah, Georgina & Stephanie (4th, 211); victoria page (U17) javelin (3rd, 17.83), shot (3rd, 6.34m), discus (4th, 14.32m).

Senior Men: Tim Doughty 1mile (3rd, 504.9), 800m (2nd, 220.3); Paul Dickinson 1mile (5th, 516.7), 800m (3rd, 225).

veteran Men: 1mile Steve Battle (1st, 524.9), Sean Dexter (5th, 606.7), Peter Fendley (609.3); 800m Steve Battle (2nd, 227.4), Sean Dexter (6th, 245.9), Peter Fendley (246.4); Steve Battle 1,500m steeple chase (1st, 538.4); Jimmy Kelly 400m (5th, 71.6), javelin (4th, 27.65m); 4 x 400m relay Tim, Paul, Steve & Sean (2nd, 435.9).

veteran Ladies: Caroline McGingley 1mile (1st, 646.3), 800m (2nd, 302.2); Adele Bryan 1mile (2nd, 658), 800m (318.7); Carol Lonsdale 800m (1st, 301.5), 200m (2nd, 30.4).

Away from the running track Philip Harrop completed the grueling 16-mile Totley Exterminator Fell race, in his best ever time, 2:54:17, to finish 69th.

This was the final race on the five event series in which he finished an impressive 49th place overall.

Tony Jenks finished his first full marathon (3:44) at the Robin Hood Nottingham Marathon.

Sean Dexter (1:45) and Adele Bryan (1:48) both completed ther Doncaster Half Marathon.

Places are still available for the Worksop Half Marathon, but they are going fast for the race which takes place on Sunday 30th October.

Last year the race was voted among the 10 best half marathons in the country by readers of Runner World Magazine.