Halstead first in the Aegir Club’s time trial

The latest Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club time trial was over eother nine or 18 miles.

The majority of the nine mile course is fast and flowing, but the road bites back during the last mile with the ascent of Thonock Hill.

Trevor Halstead, Peter Comerford chose 18 miles and Daniel Nicholson chose nine.

Results: (18 miles) 1st Trevor Halstead 56:11 (1st lap 27.48), 2nd Pete Comerford 60:54 (1st lap 29.23); (nine miles) Daniel Nicholson 31:20.

On Sunday 11th May the club will host a leisure ride to Lincoln Grand Prix.

Riders should meet at Roseway, Gainsborough at 7.30am for a medium distance ride.

On Wednesday 14th May the club holds its 15 mile and juvenile eight mile time trial races.

Riders will meet at Laughton Lane at 6.45pm.

New riders are welcome.

For information contact Trevor Halstead on 01427 617752 or 01427 677396.

Or visit http://community.lincolnshire.gov.uk/GainsboroughAegirCycling/