Gainsborough All Blacks defeat Barton despite discipline failure

Gainsborough All Blacks v Cleethorpes (w130930-2d)
Gainsborough All Blacks v Cleethorpes (w130930-2d)

Gainsborough All Blacks defeated Barton 17-3 in Nld East Division Five during an action-packed match.

Those watching saw a very physical game with two yellow cards and one red card as the home side’s discipline deserted them.

But the positive is that the All Blacks won whilst not playing well and playing for some time with only 13 players and for large parts with 14.

The first half was all about defence for the hosts as Barton came to physically push Gainsborough off the ball and out of the game.

Unfortunately for Barton this is not the best way to gain advantage over this side that includes a good mixture of youth and experience.

The home defence stood solid, with excellent tackling from Daniel Dawson and Will Cawnte a feature of the match.

But the presure did finally tell when Gainsborough had a man binned and Barton converted the resulting penalty.

Within two minutes the All Blacks lost another man for a tackling offence leaving Gainsborough to limp to half-time. things didn’t look good but respite was The second half saw a tremendous improvement in the All Blacks play as they started to play in team mode rather than individually as they took the game to the opposition.

The All Blacks were awarded a penalty whilst their regular kicker was in the bin, leaving skipper Vernon Goude to take responsibility as he levelled the scores.

Superb attacking play again from Rollings and Dawson put Barton on the back foot for first, before Gainsborough got back up to full numbers and began to dominate.

The first try of the afternoon was scored by Daniel Dawson. It was a very fitting reward for all his defensive work in the first half.

The second try was scored by the young Rollings, again fitting reward for an excellent afternoon of hard and efficient rugby at scrum half. Shaun parker kicked both conversions for the All Blacks

When the final whistle blew there was immense relief on the Gainsborough side and the supporters following a challenging fixture.