Depleted Maori side dispatched by ruthless Boston outfit

Gainsborough Rugby Club’s Maoris were ruthlessly dispatched by Boston on Saturday, after personnel.

The Maoris made the long journey to Boston’s Royal Sports Arena with 14 players after last minute cry offs and injuries.

With two players also promoted to the All Blacks side, the Maoris were forced to borrow players from their hosts.

There was a slight breeze at kick-off, and the game was blessed with numerous periods of sunshine.

Gainsborough were pinned back by the home side in the opening exchanges of the game.

Boston made the breakthrough by advancing further into Gainsborough’s 22 and breaching the back line to run in their first try of the match.

Throughout the whole match Gainsborough displayed good defensive ability and great scrummaging that helped to slow Boston down, giving them something to think about, and the visitors also produced some phenomenal tackles that delighted the Gainsborough supporters.

Gainsborough did however go on to concede three converted tries to take the game into the half-time interval at 26-0 to Boston.

Gainsborough started the second half better than the first and from the restart the Maoris forced Boston into giving away a penalty.

The away side decided to tap the ball and take it short and with well worked passes, Gainsborough’s flanker Liam Flower retrieved it and ran towards Boston’s try line to score Gainsborough’s only try of the game.

This gave the opportunity for kicker Sean Parker to score the final points for the visitors.

Unfortunately Boston would then cut Maori joy short by scoring two more tries that were successfully converted.

Parker later attempted to score a drop goal but went marginally wide.

Boston finished with one more try but luckily for Gainsborough, Boston’s kicker was not able to send the ball through the posts, resulting in a 45-7 win for the home side.

Gainsborough worked hard for the whole 80 minutes despite the scoreline and limited resources. Man Of The Match was debutant Chris Thompson.