Dazzling display in a Hallcroft open match

Mick Pogson
Mick Pogson

Local matchman Daz Oldham stole victory at Hallcroft, during Monday’s Open on the Moat, beating 37 anglers with over 200lb of carp.

Daz fished pellet cone with hair-rigged corn to take match weight of the week.

He then repeated his form during Tuesday’s Open taking second place behind Alan Tait.

Mick Taylor’s efforts paid off during Thursday’s Open, winning his first Hallcroft match with a 70lb haul.

Club official Mick Pogson showed that he’s not just a pen pusher, landing a good mixed net from Wetlands, including a specimen bream of 6lb 9oz.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Mon Open, Holmedale: 1st C Greenside, Dunlop Worksop, peg 36, 165-15-0, pellet feeder tight to island landing 57 carp to 6lb; 2nd I Rowney, Mansfield Piscatorial AS, peg 56, 114-11-0; 3rd K Baxter, Mosborough Tackle Box, peg 38, 108-1-0.

Tue Open, Sherwood: 1st S Richards, Sherwood FF, peg 40, 88-8-0, pole pellet down the margins for carp to 8lb; 2nd J Holmes, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 41, 85-2-0; 3rd M Rouse, Mansfield Busman AC, peg 43, 54-9-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale: 1st M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 29, 146-3-0, pole paste at 12m and down margins for carp to 9lb; 2nd K Powers, Sherwood FF, peg 39, 120-7-0; 3rd K Chaplin, Sherwood FF, peg 56, 95-7-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Wed Over 50s, Long Island: 1st M Morris, peg 99, 141-3-0, pole paste for all-carp net; 2nd I Bilson, peg 93, 114-8-0; 3rd G Morris, peg 89, 102-12-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st B Richards, peg 31, 124-3-0, pole pellet for all-carp net; 2nd N Stones, peg 33, 79-14-0; 3rd S Bingham, peg 35, 59-0-0.

Thu Pm Open, Top Pond: 1st D Brammer, peg 31, 36-11-0, pole meat for carp and bream; Joint 2nd and 3rd M Foy, peg 23, M Shanks, peg 12, 31-4-0.

Best of club matches: Noah’s Ark, Long Island: P Gosney, peg 101, 110-4-0, pole pellet. Lincoln Hospital, Field Pond: J Abbott, peg 33, 110-9-0, pole pellet.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Open, Moat: 1st D Oldham, Maltby, peg out 99, 201-12-0, long pole fished with pellet cone and hair-rigged corn; 2nd S Clark, Mansfield, peg out 19, 192-12-0; 3rd A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, peg out 110, 154-13-0.

Tue Open, Bridge: 1st A Tait, Retford, peg isl 26, 100-2-0, fished meat short at 5m and marginal reeds with corn and maggot over gb for carp to 9lb; 2nd D Oldham, Maltby, peg out 15, 79-12-0; 3rd M Cordall, Retford, peg out 42, 79-0-0.

Thu Open, Moat: 1st M Taylor, Welbeck, peg out 25, 69-12-0, gb feeder and pellet gave Mick a net of carp to 8lb; 2nd A Beresford, Map Leegem, peg out 38, 67-12-0; 3rd I Temple, Retford, peg out 100, 61-6-0.

Fri Pm Open, Moat: 1st J Oldfield, Plough AC, peg isl 50, 117-6-0, John beat 50 other anglers to top spot fishing short pole with meat at 5m; 2nd S Clark, Mansfield, peg isl 68, 90-14-0; 3rd A Beresford, Map Leegem, peg out 63, 87-10-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st J Masson, Maver/Marukyu, peg 61, 88-12-0, Jamie fished meat and mag in margins for carp to 8lb; 2nd S Robbins, Map Leegem, peg 41, 76-12-0; 3rd S Plant, Subfish, peg 51, 74-4-0.

Sun Open, Moat/Bridge: 1st C Owen, Parkgate Angling, peg MI 34, 138-12-0, pellet and meat fished shallow at 13m for carp to 9lb; 2nd N Shipman, Hallcroft, peg MI 37, 114-12-0; 3rd S Gray, Worksop, peg BI 26, 94-12-0.

Lakeside Fisheries: Mon Open: 1st A Landells, peg 8, 125-9-0, pole pellet for a mixed bag of carp and silvers; 2nd S Robbins, peg 38, 85-8-0; 3rd C Day, peg 28, 84-3-0.

Wed Open: 1st P Martin, peg 8, 80-11-0, pole with meat for carp and ide; 2nd S Robbins, peg 40, 72-15-0; 3rd R Hanson, peg 37, 68-11-0.

Sun Woodseats: 1st Chris Mycock, peg 21, 97-13-0, chopped worm and caster for a carp, ide and skimmers. 2nd M Holmes, peg 32, 68-15-0; 3rd C Parisson, peg 14, 67-9-0.

Carp Lake: Chris Chisholm fished Cell boilies from peg 4 to land 3 carp, including a huge 26lb 10oz common.

Trout Lake: Ian Harrison fished a cat’s whisker on floating line to net 12 fish to 5lb.


Wetlands: 1st K Morris, peg 30, 65-3-0, bomb-fished meat and pellet for carp and bream; 2nd I Mellish, peg 28, 42-0-0; 3rd K Walters, peg 17, 37-6-0.

Notts Police, Lakeside: 1st M Tierney, peg 21, 65-5-0, pole with chopped worm for ide and skimmers; 2nd S Hughes, peg 4, 49-15-0; 3rd N Attenborough, peg 12, 40-15-0.

Harworth Comrades, Lakeside: 1st M Thompson, peg 38, 49-15-0, wag mag for carp and skimmers; 2nd T Lees, peg 41, 43-14-0.

Fire and Rescue Championships: 1st R Redwood, Nottingham, peg 29, 75-2-0, pole pellet in margins for carp; 2nd G Leversidge, Worksop, peg 28, 74-5-0; 3rd P Sharpe, Mansfield, peg 31, 63-3-0.

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