Choice of rides for Aegir Cycling Club

Trevor Halstead and Jordan Skelly
Trevor Halstead and Jordan Skelly

A choice of two riders were on offer for Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club on Sunday, a short ride or a longer, faster option.

Both groups rode together to East Ferry

Daniel Nicholson, Pete Hanks, David Chaffey and Mark Clark chose a 21 mile ride through Laughton Woods.

Trevor Halstead and George Carnall chose a brisk 41 mile ride through Laughton Woods then following the River Trent to Burringham.

Sunday is the start of the Aegir Club’s racing season, starting with a five mile time trial.

Riders should meet at Marton Church 10.45am.

On 2nd April riders should meet on Laughton Lane at 6.15 pm for a 10 mile time trial.

Also on Sunday there will be a Figure of 8 Leisure Ride, meet Roseway at 9.20am.