Champion Batmen can’t be caught

There is only one week remaining in the Gainsborough and District Table Tennis League.

Teams have been busy trying to catch up on all their fixtures.

In one crucial result this weekend, GYM Batmen cannot now be beaten for the title of Division Two champions, thanks to their comprehensive 8-2 beating of Blues Club Knights.

The Batmen have been consistently good all season and have remained unbeaten; showing that they are well deserving of the championship title.

In another second division encounter the two bottom teams Falcons and the Wizards met, and played out a good 5-5 draw.

The result proves there is not much between them.

Chris Whitely had a good game winning all three of his rubbers, and for good measure beating the consistent Kevan Birkett for the Wizards in four games.

The Blitz Eagles had a good 6-4 win over the more experienced Kestrels.

Despite the result, the Blitz Eagles are still shy of a few points to the second spot, currently held by the Kestrels.

The Eagles will be the team to watch next year, having shown a marked improvement this year.

There were just two matches in Division One this week, and one of them resulted in a good draw for the Beacons.

Despite not having the best of seasons, the Beacons managed a 5-5 result against the Aces.

The remaining first division match was between the Blues Dynamics and the Aardvarks.

Ray Loveley picked up the only rubber, beating James Wynne in the only bright spot of a crushing 9-1 defeat for Blues Dynamics.

Joe Sheehan showed his mettle in this match, coming up from the second division to win all three for the Aardvarks.

The league has reminded all trophy holders to return their silverware to the league secretary by 10th April at the latest.

Anyone wishing to start or return to playing table tennis in the Gainsborough region can do so by contacting the league secretary on 01427 610440, or Blitz Club head coach Paul Johnson on 07986 044680.


Division One: Beacons 5 (P. Dixon 3, W. Kingston 1, Doubles) Aces 5 (B. Lamb 1, R. Lamb 2, R. Simons 2).

Dynamics 1 (R. Loveley 1) Aardvarks 9 (J. Sheehan 3, J. Wynne 1, C. Mitchell 3, Doubles).

Division Two: Falcons 2 (B. Marriott 1, C. Whiteley 1)Dynamos 8 (J. Longstaff 1, J. Sheehan 3, T Arber 3, doubles).

Eagles 6 (H. Tomlinson 3, R. Bunton 1, D. Davies 2) Kestrels 4 (D. Mason 1, P. Gray 1, B. Reed 1, Doubles).

Challengers 2 (S. Edwards 1, M Sanderson 1) Batmen 8 (M Longstaff 3, T Loveley 3, K. Eliot 1, Doubles).

Wizards 5 (J. Raisborough 2, K Birkett 2, Doubles 1) Falcons 5 (H Denman 1, C. Whiteley 3, E. Ollerton 1).