Carnall is golden boy for the Aegir

The 15-mile Jack Doncaster Trophy race was a close run contest, but George Carnall took the gold medal and the trophy.

Rob Noble was the silver medallist, followed by Trevor Halstead who picked up a bronze.

Officals for the event were Daniel Nicholson, Elaine Comerford, Dave Day and Mark Clark.

The riders started on Laughton Lane, proceeding towards Laughton and continuing through Laughton Forest to the T-junction where a turn left to Susworth was made.

In Susworth the ride progressed along the riverside road through East Ferry and Wildsworth to East Stockwith, and at the edge of the village a left turn was made as the riders headed to Laughton Lane and the finish.

Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club results: 1st George Carnall 42 minutes 36 seconds; 2nd Rob Noble 43 minutes 48 seconds; 3rd Trevor Halstead 43 minutes 52 seconds .

Private Trials (Non Club Members): 1st Julian Hesp 34 minutes 31 seconds Viking Velo; 2nd Andy Lewin 34 minutes 47 seconds Viking Velo; 3rd Ian Ferraby 41 minutes 55 seconds Viking Velo; 4th Matt Fieldson 42 minutes 47 seconds Viking Velo .

Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club members Jo Findley and Steve Cowlbeck were out in Brigg taking part in the Lincssquad Sprint Triathlon.

The event involved a 400 metre swim, 20 kilometre cycle race and a five kilometre run.

About 300 people took part in the event.

Cowlebeck’s time was an impressive one hour 12 minutes 51 seconds, while Jo Findley crossed the finish line in one hour 42 minutes.

Sunday’s Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club leisure ride started from Roseway in Gainsborough town centre.

It was a short ride out through Blyton, Laughton and Laughton Woods, returning to Gainsborough via Morton.

The riders who took part were Trevor Halstead, Paul Bacon, George Carnall, Pete Hanks, Colin Smith, Daniel Nicholson, Dave Chaffy and Hedley Stennett.

In the afternoon Halstead and Garner represented Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club at Councillor Mick Tinker, Mayor of the town of Gainsborough’s civic service.

On Sunday 28th September Aegir riders will take part in a leisure ride and a nine mile interclub time trial to the Dog and Gun at East Butterwick.

All riders should meet on Laughton Lane near Blyton Carr Farm at 11am.

For information about Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club contact Trevor Halstead at Gainsborough Cycles 20 Ropery Road Gainsborough or telephone him on 01427 617752.