BOWLS: May’s Team 4 miss a chance to go top

Peter Mays’ Team 4 missed their chance to go top of the Monday Daytime Triples Bowls league, losing 11-10 to Roy Marsh’s Team 2 so Peter’s team stay third.

It was unlucky timing for Team 4 as Roy’s Team 2 are in top form right now.

Previously Team 4 had a very good day when comfortably beating one of their championship rivals, Jean Barnard’s Team 9 20-8.

Previously Roy Marsh’s Team 2 defeated Pat Flegg’s championship chasing Team 5 by 17-15 so Pat’s team stay fourth.

So Geoff Gray’s Team 1, Jean Barnard’s Team 9, and Pat Flegg’s Team 5 who are first, second, and fourth have all lost their last two matches, so four teams are only separated by one point.

Despite their defeat Peter Mays’ Team 4 are still in the best form of any of the contenders, so it could be triumph postponed for them, but don’t bet on it.

Three teams are still chasing the Wednesday Sets championship.

Ken Walker’s Team 2, now run by Roy Marsh, are top but they missed the chance to kill off their two rivals when only drawing 3-3 (+4 shots) with Trevor Gaines’ Team 5.

So Trevor’s team are only four points behind and so are Pat Flegg’s Team 4 who easily beat Carol Booth’s bottom team 6-0 (14 shots) to go second on shots difference.

Tom Dubber’s Team 3 had their slight hopes ended when they could only draw 3-3 (+5 shots) with Tony Scott’s second bottom Team 12, a very good result for them.

Bob and Wendy Baines showed their fighting spirit when being let off the hook by Alan Crookes’ Team 3 in the Thursday Pairs.

At halfway keen fisherman Alan was well in command leading 11-1 and reeling in his helpless rivals, but somehow Bob and Wendy wriggled free to get a 16-16 draw.

Bob and Wendy and Rosemary Woollard now only need to win two out of four to be uncatchable.

Bob Clifton’s Team 11 (Bob and Eric Dobbie playing) had their slight championship hopes ended by a dominant display from Roy Marsh and Ken Byfleet (Team 5) who easily won 17-4.