Bob and Wendy’s Evening Pairs title

Bob and Wendy Baines (Team 6) are the new champions of the Monday Evening Pairs at West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club after a suitably emphatic 32-12 beating of John Hunt’s Team 1.

Previously Bob’s team had beaten Ian Hatton’s Team 7 18-12.

Eric Dobbie’s Team 3 beat Lionel Jowett’s bottom team 23-8 to stay in second but their bad January and February decided the league.

Ray Robinson and Tom Whiteley (Team 2) stay in fourth after a 16-16 draw with John Hunt’s Team 1.

The Tuesday Australian Pairs could be won by any of three teams with Keith Woffinden’s Team 8 currently on top.

Team 8 only drew 14-14 with Tim Kempton’s Team 7 so Michael Proudley’s Team 10, who beat Brenda Allen’s Team 3 20-9, are given new hope but they have played a game more.

The main danger to Team 8 are Ian Hatton’s Team 6 who comfortably beat Tim Kempton’s Team 7 18-6 and still hold the best shots difference which could be vital.

Teams 6 and 8 have still got to play one another.

The Thursday team league is now finished with Marshall’s retaining their championship, but not in the impressive manner of previous seasons.

Misterton, who had been playing well above their outdoor form, had a slight chance of being champions with an emphatic 8-0 win but their form dipped at the wrong time and they lost 6-2 (15 shots) to Gainsborough Town.

Roses finished as runners-up.

Because of previous results they couldn’t be champions but they fairly comfortably beat Owston Ferry 8-0 (14 shots) to finish one point adrift.

This result also meant that ‘Ferry’ finish bottom and saved Scotter from embarrassment.

Gordon Tucker’s Team 2 had their Friday Triples championship hopes killed-off by a 17-7 defeat to Keith Woffinden’s Team 6.

Ray Robinson’s Team 5 overtook Team 2 after beating Merv Johnson’s team 4 17-14 so the match between Team 5 and Eric Dobbie’s Team 1 is the championship decider, although both teams have to play Geoff Gray’s Team 3.