Black belt for local judoka as Lincolnshire judo clubs gather for grading event at Gainsborough

Whiteswood Lane and Sturton Judo Club were involved in a recent grading event
Whiteswood Lane and Sturton Judo Club were involved in a recent grading event

Around 50 judokas from across Lincolnshire came together at West Lindsey Leisure Centre for a grading event.

Whiteswood Lane, Sturton, Seathorne and Skegness Judo Clubs sent their members to take part.

Nineteen Whiteswood Lane Judo Club members produced some excellent judo to show their improvement.

For six of these members it was their first grading.

The new gradings were as follows: Finley Battrawden Red + 2 White tabs, Ben Heald Red + 3 White tabs, Stevie Ann Skinner Red + 1 Yellow tab, Lucy Hunt Red + 3 Yellow tabs, Alex Collier,Reanna Battrawden and Tegan Battrawden White + 2 Yellow tabs, Matthew Thomson, Charlotte Sinnott, Connor Kay and Madeleine Walton White + 3 Yellow tabs, Brandon Kay and Evie Eccles Yellow belt, Tanis Weatherall Orange + 3 Green tabs, Elliott List and Lucas Porter Green belt, Nathanial Weatherall and Aiden Brignull Senior Orange belt.

Having been a member since 2009, Steve Lomas’ years of hard work and dedication finally paid off with his first dan black belt.

There were 16 Sturton Judo Club members grading, and they did their coaches proud with the following grades: Lewis Newbert Red + 1 Yellow tab, Olivia Newbert Red + 3 Yellow tabs, Robert Timmins and Taylor Bristow Red + 1 Orange tab, Guy McMillan Red + 2 Orange tabs, Louis Harrison White + 2 Yellow tabs, Joel Dooley Yellow + 2 Orange tabs, Jack Castelluccio and Ben Mander Yellow + 3 Orange tabs, Eddie Timmins Orange belt, Aaron Dawson Orange + 1 Green tab, George Hadden Green belt, Rohan Dooley Green + 3 Blue tabs, Greg Burton Brown + 1 Black tab, Daniel Gordon Senior Orange belt and Tom Burton Senior Blue belt.

Gainsborough training is held on Monday nights from 6p to 7pm for five-year-olds to 12-year-olds, and from 7pm to 8.30pm for junior green belts upwards and seniors, at West Lindsey Leisure Centre.

Sturton training is held on Thursday nights from 6pm to 7pm for five to 12-year-olds, and 7pm to 8.30pm for junior orange belts upwards and seniors at Sturton-by-Stow Village Hall.

All first sessions are free, sessions then cost £2.

Membership and Insurance for juniors is £12 per year and for seniors £14 per year.

Visit www.lincolnshirejudo.co.uk or contact Steve 01427 616442 or Nicola 07980484670.