Annual inter-club cycle race is won by victorious Viking Velo

VELO VICTOR -- Jordan Skelly, who helped Viking Velo win the inter-club cycle race.
VELO VICTOR -- Jordan Skelly, who helped Viking Velo win the inter-club cycle race.

Victorious Viking Velo took all the main honours at Gainsborough’s annual inter-club cycling race. For they won the scratch team and handicap team competitions, and also posted the best individual time via Andy Lewin.

The race, which is contested by the town’s four road cycling clubs, Velo, Trent Valley, Phoenix and Aegir, was over nine miles, between Morton and East Butterwick.

And the format comprised two main competitions -- one based on the fastest times for each club’s top three riders (scratch) and the second focusing on each club’s fastest three riders based on adjusted times according to ability (handicap).

In the scratch competition, Velo comfortably saw off their rivals, clocking an aggregate time of 61 minutes, 36 seconds to win the event by nearly six minutes from Trent Valley, who were second with 67.27. Phoenix were third with 74.39, while Aegir were unable to field a full team.

The handicap competition was much closer, but again Velo proved too strong for the opposition, recording a time of 11 minutes, 36 seconds better than their handicap. This was six seconds ahead of Trent Valley, whose time was 11.29 better than their handicap, and more than two minutes ahead of third-placed Phoenix, who registered a time 9.19 better than their handicap.

The individual times of the 32 riders who took part were: 1 Andy Lewin (Velo) 19.56, 2 Andy Codd (Trent Valley) 20.34, 3 Jud Parker (Velo) 20.46, 4 Jordan Skelly (Velo) 20.54, 5 Phil Burton (Velo) 21.19, 6 Ray Herbert (Velo) 21.29, 7 Matt Fieldson (Velo) 21.41, 8 Ian Barley (Velo) 22.10, 9 Chris Horn (Phoenix) 22.23, 10 Tony Keightley (Velo) 22.56, 11 Chris Gale (Velo) 22.56, 12 Jamie Olivant (Velo) 23.03, 13 Mark Leeson (Trent Valley) 23.21, 14 Stephen Cockerham (Trent Valley) 23.32, 15 Jim Girvin (Trent Valley) 23.52, 16 Lucy Overton (Trent Valley) 23.54, 17 Fraser Lilley (Trent Valley) 24.04, 18 Ian Ferraby (Velo) 24.25), 19 Mechele Barley (Velo) 24.44, 20 Mark Forest (Aegir) 24.52, 21 Pete Comerford (Phoenix) 25.03, 22 Paul Bagshaw (Velo) 25.34, 23 Kevin Smart (Velo) 26.09, 24 Jon Bradbury (Velo) 26.17, 25 Keith Hudson (Trent Valley) 26.25, 26 Andy Clarke and Rio Sutton (Velo) 26.49, 27 Mike Overton (Trent Valley) 27.10, 28 Jon Findley (Phoenix) 27.13, 29 Max Rackliff (Velo) 27.44, 30 Trevor Halstead (Aegir) 28.02, 31 Becky Hollis (Phoenix) 29.25, 32 Carol Smart (Phoenix) 35.32.