Aegir riders in final reliability outings

A strong south westerly wind made riding tough for the final set of Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club reliability rides on Sunday.

Riders had a choice of 20 miles, 50k, 50 miles, 75 miles, 100 miles or the two bridges 35 miles or 55 miles.

Daniel Nicholson chose the 20 mile ride in category D, 2hrs 30 minutes.

He returned in 1hour 37 minutes, inside his chosen time.

Nicholson left Portland Terrace heading out of town and progressing through Lea Knaith Park, Upton, Heapham, Springthorpe Corringham, Pillham, Blyton, Laughton and Morton.

Returning into Gainsborough along Ropery, he finished at Portland Terrace.

Loll Dickenson chose the 50K ride in category D 3 hr 10 minutes.

He returned in 2 hours 28 minutes.

Mark Clark chose category E 3 hours 40 minutes, and finished in 3 hours 20 minutes .

The 50k route left Portland Terrace heading out of Gainsborough to Lea, then passed through Knaith Park, Kexby, Upton, Springthorpe, Corringham, Northorpe, Scotton, Scotter,Susworth.

They came homewards alongside the River Trent passing through East Ferry, Wildsworth, East Stockwith, Walkerith and Morton returning into Gainsborough along Ropery Road.

Dave Walker, George Carnall and Dave Chaffy chose the 35 mile ride in category B 3 hr 10 minutes.

They all returned inside their chosen times, in 2 hours 59 minutes.

They went in the direction of Morton, and following the River Trent made their way north – passing through Walkerith, East Stockwith, Wildsworth, East Ferry, Susworth, East Butterwick and Burringham.

Arriving at the A18, Keadby Bridge was crossed and after a short distance the riders turned left into Althorpe.

Then they headed south following the River Trent riding through Derrythorpe, West Butterwick, Kelfield, Owston Ferry, Gunthorpe, Heckdyke, West Stockwith, Misterton, Walkeringham and Beckingham.

The ride returned to Gainsborough along the A631 to finish at Portland Terrace.

Trevor Halstead chose the 100 mile ride in category B 8 hours and finished in 7 hours 24 minutes.

The 100 mile ride took Halstead out through Lea, Willingham by Stow and Stow, Sturton by Stow, Scampton, Aisthorpe, Brattleby and Cammeringham, Spridlington, Faldingworth, Middle Rasen and Market Rasen.

Turning left and riding away from Market Rasen he travelled through Holton le Moor, Moortown South Kelsey, Brandy Wharf, Waddingham, Redbourne, Hibaldstow and Scawby Brook, Brigg, Wrawby, Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby all Saints, Hawkstow, South Ferriby, Thealby, Burton upon Stather and Normanby, Flixborough, Neap House. Gunness, Keadby Bridge, Belton, Epworth, Haxey, Graiselound, Misterton, Walkeringham and Beckingham.

The A631 was followed returning to Gainsborough to the finish line at Portland Terrace.