Gainsborough: Melrose SSC win Bowls League Knockout Shield

Melrose SSC have won the Gainsborough Bowls League Knockout Shield by the closest margin ever against Marshall A. The final score was 73–73, with Melrose winning the extra end at Roses.

Marshall A led by 20 shots after 11 ends, but an A team rink that led 18–4 finished only three ahead and Melrose came back in the other three rinks.

Marshall A won one rink by three shots and Melrose won rinks by two and one.

With one end to play Marshall A led the fourth rink by three shots, but Melrose Captain Tony Bainbridge moved the jack to give Melrose the three shots they needed for a draw and the match win.

Classy Scotter 1 had an easier win in the Millennium Trophy final at Marton GB last Sunday (16 ends of three woods).

Marshall A pushed hard, but Scotter 1 finished comfortable 70–39 victors.

On Wednesday, Marshall A visited Melrose needing to win big to keep their league championship hopes alive but fell behind on two rinks.

For half the match the A team had one rink leading who could have carried the aggregate, but Melrose did enough to deny them.

Melrose won the fourth rink by one shot, resulting in an 8–2 (83–68) win.

Scotter 1 destroyed Misterton 10–0 (124–33) to move a point behind Melrose with a game in hand - making them championship favourites.

Owston Ferry lost 6–4 (79–60) at North Wheatley and Beckingham fell 8–2 (85–79) at Marshall Sports, but both will qualify for the end of season Kelsey Cup (third to sixth).

Rose A put in an abysmal display to lose 1 –0 (94-62) at Marton GB and are now threatened by North Wheatley, who now face tough games against Scotter 1, Melrose, and Marshall A.

Marton’s win may come too late to save them from the bottom four, but they will hope for a Wheatley disaster.