Second leg of Trent Trophy for Under 11s

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There were only four games in the Kerry Gainsborough Youth Football League at the weekend as it was designated as a rest weekend for the U8s and U9s.

The U11s played the second leg of the Trent Trophy and Forrest Rangers progressed after a 7-0 victory over Midtown.

Forrest were trailing 5-3 from the first game so had to work hard to earn the victory with goals from J. Piper (3), O. Foster (3) and M. Taylor.

After a 2-2 draw in the first leg, Marshalls Sports and Marshalls FC again played out another draw, this time 1-1, Marshalls FC through on away goals.

Results: U11s Trent Trophy Midtown 0, Forrest Rangers 7; Marshalls FC 1, Marshalls Sports 1. U9s - Babworth 0, Midtown 5; Retford Stripes 9, Blyton 0.

Fixtures: U11s Ben White Trophy Marshalls Sports v Misterton; Midtown v Forrest Rangers; Blyth v Marshalls FC. U9s - Gains Trinity v Babworth; Blyton v Saxilby; Retford Stripes v Blyth; Misterton v Marshalls; Midtown v Forrest Rangers; Marshalls Colts v Retford Whites. U8s - Babworth A v Ordsall Rangers; Babworth B v Walesby; Forrest Rangers v Misterton; Retford Blacks v Retford Whites.