Referee robbed us rages Gainsborough Trinity boss Liam King after late Alvechurch penalty forces FA Cup replay

Furious Trinity boss Liam King is booked for protesting a late penalty decision.
Furious Trinity boss Liam King is booked for protesting a late penalty decision.

Gainsborough Trinity manager Liam King was furious over a last gasp penalty against his side that let Banbury force an FA Cup First Qualifying Round replay.

Trinity were leading 2-1 when the match referee awarded a controversial spot kick that forced a replay tomorrow night (Tuesday).

“We fully deserved to win that game of football and that referee is a disgrace,” raged King.

“He has cost the lads after a solid performance. He should never be allowed to referee a football match again in his life. That was a shambles.

“We were absolutely robbed and their players were laughing on the pitch.

“The ref was at fault for the first goal as well – there was a foul on the far side. He’s let them play on and then given them a soft penalty.

“I am sick of it. It’s probably the worst I’ve seen in football.

“You come here to a very good side, put on a good performance and deserve to win the game and people like that cost you.

“He will go home and forget about it, laughing with his mates. But he’s a little boy and at the end of the day he needs to not referee again in football ever again.”

King said the performance his players gave in response to last week’s 4-2 home defeat by Lancaster deserved more.

“If he’d have known how much work we put in this week to get a result,” he said.

“One minute to go and he gives a penalty like that. It was an absolute disgrace.

“Otherwise it was an unbelievable performance. The lads have reacted from last week and you can’t fault them. There were some really big performances and they were all playing for each other.

“I am just disappointed that they’ve not gone home with the win which everybody in this ground, including their fans, know we deserved. I don’t understand what’s just happened.

“I just feel sorry for the lads, but they’ve got to pick themselves up.”

He added: “I feel sorry for the chairman as well because he should be going home tonight with some more money in his bank for getting into the draw. People like that ref will go home and forget about it.

“It makes it worse we played that well and controlled the game – then that.

“Someone has tackled him in the box. The ball has gone the way that he’s tackled him and for some reason he’s given a penalty.

“It was a brilliant away following and they will all go home and know they’ve been robbed. It was so devastating.”