Northolme negotiations go on

Gainsborough Trinity owner Peter Swann has not given up hope of buying the Northolme.

The businessman, who had his latest bids for the ground rejected by owners the Blues Club, spoke out after members of the controlling group met on Thursday of last week.

He believes there is still a chance to secure ownership of the Northolme, despite failing to come to an agreement with numerous previous attempts.

His statement said: “I am still trying to progress the purchase of the Northolme.”

“I understand that it is worth sitting down for one final meeting over the sale and I will be doing this at the earliest date possible.”

“We may still have issues, but if we can get this to a vote within the next month or so, get an answer from the members, who may still vote against it, we need to find common ground.”

“What they require is not a million miles away from the football club’s valuation.”

Matt Lyner, of the Blues Club committee, said negotiations are ongoing, but he’d like to keep details between the two parties.

“We’ve got members who want the ground to be sold and members who don’t, and my priority is to keep my members updated,” he said.

“Our monthly committee meeting is this week and we’re trying to move things forward, as a committee we’re trying to get to a stage where the members can vote on it – once we have a suitable offer.”