New faces unlikely for Trinity, but Housham will look again at Polish right-back who impressed against Scunthorpe

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Gainsborough manager Steve Housham admits it is unlikely that anymore new faces will sign for the club before the start of the season.

Speaking after the 3-0 friendly defeat by Scunthorpe United, he expressed his belief that the side he already had was big enough to cope with the National League North season.

“We’ve already got a squad of nineteen signed on so I don’t think we can afford to get anymore in.

“What we have had in terms of trialists is that what we have already seen, I think that will be it in terms of them.

“You’ve seen the size of the squad we’ve got and we need to try and utilise them in pre season and build up the minutes.”

There were a number of trialists on show in the match with the Iron, including an Italian who had previously played in Serie C, the third tier of Italian football and a Polish right-back, who was the most impressive.

“The one that I do like is the right-back. We will invite him back to have another look on Tuesday (at Lincoln United) and the rest will probably play at Barton on Thursday.”

“Now I will narrow down the squad and say bye to the trialists that we had.”

“They do look good in training but when you put them in for a match it’s a totally different ball game.”

One issue that may force him to make a move is the concern over Mike Emery and the left shoulder which was operated on at the start of the year, that forced him out of the game with the North Lincolnshire side.

“I didn’t think it was as bad as it was, as I expected to get him on the pitch for some minutes at least.

“That’s an avenue which we will have to look down.”

“I’m disappointed and we will have to assess that one as it goes on.”