Matt Wilson on playing wherever he’s asked, what Trinity need to do to make play-offs, and teaching the next generation of Blues stars

Matt Wilson of gainsborough trinity clearing the ball
Matt Wilson of gainsborough trinity clearing the ball

Matt Wilson says he is willing to play wherever Gainsborough Trinity manager Steve Housham puts him, in order to help out the team.

Wilson began the season in midfield but has filled in at centre half in the last two fixtures to combat the injury crisis in defence.

He said: “I have played a good two or three seasons in the Conference North in midfield but I have played the rest of it at centre half.

“I don’t know where Housh wants me but I will play anywhere.

“There are better ball players in midfield than me but I like to get stuck in and win my tackles.”

Wilson had been out of the side for a couple of weeks after having an operation on his nose.

The former Alfreton player was rushed back early to the starting 11 when Trinity visited the Derbyshire side to play alongside captain Dominic Roma at the heart of the back line.

He said: “Statistically over the seasons I’ve only broke my nose twice in eight years so I was thinking I wouldn’t get a whack on it, if anything the ball would do the damage with the amount of heading I do.

“I like to keep on top of my fitness when I’m away from the game so usually I can pick up from where I left off, nine times out of 10.

“The older I’m getting though, the harder it is to get your fitness back.”

To make matters worse for the Blues, Wilson looked to take a knock towards the end of Saturday’s fixture but played it down after the final whistle as Trinity maintained their unbeaten home record.

He said: “I felt my groin go when we defended a corner. I got a shove in the back and as I stood my ground I just felt it go.

“It was painful to start with but after two or three minutes it went away.”

That home record gives Wilson cause for optimism that this could be a successful season for the Blues.

“If we can stay unbeaten at home we stand a very good chance of getting into the play-offs but it is about consistency across the season really and if we can do that then there is no reason that we can’t get in the play-offs.

“Over the last few years that I’ve played with Guiseley, Alfreton and North Ferriby what I’ve learned is that you have to be consistent and that is key in football.”

Wilson is well known locally, thanks to his job as a PE teacher at the Gainsborough Academy.

He admits that he is enjoying being a role model to the students.

He said: “There are a lot of kids that come and support the team which is really good.

“When I was at Ferriby last year the kids always knew the results and the scores and things like that, so they always gave me a bit of banter.

“They’ve always said to me that I should come and sign for Gainsborough and I’m glad I’m here now and glad that I can hopefully be a role model to the kids, not just in the classroom but on the football pitch as well.”

He’s hoping some of his young students will end up following in his footsteps and pulling on the blue shirt at the Martin and Co Arena.

“We’ve got some good footballers coming through at the school. It’s a very football orientated town, having worked here for a year and a half now, and I think there is potential here.

“There are a lot of Year 11s that left last year who were fantastic footballers.

“I have not seen a school football team as good as that before but fingers crossed in few years if things don’t work out at Lincoln, Scunthorpe and Grimsby where the boys have gone, they will hopefully come back and feed into this team.”