Drama in mini-cricket

The quarter-finals of Bassetlaw Schools 25th Mini-cricket Championship produced great excitement when Ryton Park’s game against the Redlands B squad ended on 144-144 tie and needed a six player bowl out to produce a winner.

Redland’s Alex Redfearn and Ryton Park’s Joshua Parkin both successfully hit the wicket before each team took turns to miss until Sorreyl Kendall, the last man to bowl, hit the target to earn Ryton Park a semi-final tie against the smallest school left in the tournament and last year’s runners-up, Gringley.

Another desperately close affair saw the small village school Everton miss out by just two runs to the much bigger St John’s.

The semi-final draw is Ryton Park v Gringley and Redlands A v St. John’s with the date and venue to be decided.