Bodybuilder makes national final after only his second competition


A 23-year-old Gainsborough man has reached a national final after only his second competition in a form of bodybuilding.

Matt Blakey, of Horsley Road, has been going to the gym since he was 16, but is now the Midlands champion in the UK Ultimate Physiques Championships.

It took 14 weeks of preparation before he won the title in his height class at Milton Keynes. Now he has qualified for the British final at York this Saturday.

UK Ultimate Physiques concentrates more on athletic appearance and fitness than the massive muscles and fake tans often associated with bodybuilding.

Matt, a customer service representative for Ping Europe in Gainsborough, is a member of the DW Sports Fitness gym in the town. “My win at Milton Keynes was very unexpected,” he said. “I’m going to do the same again in York, and I hope it will be good enough.”