Aegir cyclists claim bragging rights over Morton Striders in annual duathlon event

Duathlon event in Gainsborough  between Aegir CC and Morton Striders.
Duathlon event in Gainsborough between Aegir CC and Morton Striders.

THE annual duathlon inter-club event between Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club and Gainsborough and Morton Striders Athletic Club took place last Sunday on the usual 2.25 mile circuit in Gainsborough.

Starting from opposite West Lindsey Leisure Centre on The Avenue, the course went downhill, then left uphill on to Corringham Road, then left at the junction with The Belt Road following the Belt Road to the junction with The Avenue, where another left turn was made returning the competitors to the start line.

Those taking part had to run the first lap, after which they switched to their bikes and cycled four consecutive laps of the course before dismounting and running the final lap.

The bitter temperatures and hard frosts of the earlier part of the week had abated, but it was the abundance of potholes which have appeared since the recent spell of snow and ice which gave the competitors the most cause for concern.

Competitors turning out for Gainsborough Aegir CC were club chairman Shaun Pycroft, Aden Bott, Pete Hanks and Simon Hobday, who was hot favourite for the event, having won in 2009 and 2010.

Morton Striders were represented by Matthew Lyner, Stephen Gaffney, Chris Rainsforth, Brian Vollentine and Mark Jowett. Also turning out for Striders, and the only lady in the event, was Clare Johnson.

Being both a member of Gainsborough Aegir and also Morton Striders, Clare had the predicament of which team to turn out for, but decided on Striders having been with them the longest.

Also riding the event, though not members of either club, were father and son John and Paul Clarke, who are members of Lincoln Wheelers Cycling Club.

The competitors soon settled into a steady rhythm and at the end of the first lap of running it was Simon Hobday who was first back. He swiftly made the transition to the bike.

Once in the saddle and into his preferred discipline he made time on all his rivals and led from start to finish, arriving back at the finish line after the second running lap with a lead of nearly five minutes.

A commendable performance was put in by Morton Striders member Stephen Gaffney, who was making his first appearance at the event, coming in third overall.

The times of the fastest three from each club counted and, although this year the runners outnumbered the cyclists, the final team totals saw the Aegir Cycling Club come out top with 193 minutes 19 seconds to Morton Striders’ total of 195 minutes 47 seconds.

Overall results: 1, Simon Hobday (Aegir CC) 56 minutes 20 seconds; 2, Jon Clarke (Lincoln Wheelers) 61-18; 3, Stephen Gaffney (Morton Striders) 61-38; equal 4, Paul Clarke (Lincoln Wheelers) and Shaun Pycroft (Aegir CC) 65-14; 6, Matthew Lyner (Morton Striders) 66m-33; 7, Brian Vollentine (Morton Striders) 67-36; 8, Clare Johnson (Morton Striders) 67-47; 9, Chris Rainsforth (Morton Striders) 70-49; 10, Pete Hanks (Aegir CC) 71-45; 11, Mark Jowett (Morton Striders) 75-29; 12, Aden Bott (Aegir CC) 88-11.

Sunday 30th January sees round five of the club’s winter speed judging taking place - meet Roseway at 9.20am.

For further details contact Trevor Halstead on 01427 617752.