Aegir Cycling Club’s final reliability rides attract 11 cyclists including four juniors

The final set of Gainsbroough Aegir Cycling Club’s reliability rides for the 2012 season attracted 11 riders, four of whom were junior members of the club.

There was a choice of 18-mile, 50k, 50-mile, 75-mile and 100-mile rides, and the 18-mile one saw Daniel Nicholson, Matt Hindmarsh, Sophie Hindmarsh (nine), Colin Smith, Liam Hindmarsh (12), Joe Smith (15), Paul Reynolds, and Phillip Jubbs (11) choose category D (2 hours 30 minutes) and all the riders returned within their chosen times, Daniel and Liam recording 1-31 and the remainder 1-38.

The riders left Portland Terrace headed out of Gainsborough along Lea Road and took in Lea, Kexby, Upton, Heapham, Springthorpe, Corringham, Pillham and Blyton before heading along the A159 to finish back at Portland Terrace.

Loll Dickenson chose the 50k ride in category D (3-10) and he returned in 2-48 that was within his chosen time.

The 50k route was through Lea, Kexby, Upton, Heapham, Springthorpe, Northorpe, Scotton, Scotter and Susworth, and then heading homewards alongside the River Trent through East Ferry, Wildsworth, East Stockwith, Walkerith and Morton, returning into Gainsborough along Ropery Road to finish at Portland Terrace.

Jordan Skelly chose the 50-mile ride in category B (3-30) and he returned within his chosen time, recording 2-48 .

The 75-mile ride saw Trevor Halstead choose category C (6-30) and he returned within his chosen time in 5-28.

Both riders left Portland Terrace and headed out of town passing through Marton, Torksey, Laughterton, Newton-on-Trent, Besthorpe, Collingham, Langford, Newark, South Muskham, North Muskham, Cromwell, Carlton-on-Trent, Sutton-on-Trent, Grassthorpe and Ragnall. Joining the A57 the ride progressed through Dunham-on-Trent, crossing Dunham Bridge and turning into Newton-on-Trent and then retracing the outward route.

Trevor turned right flowing the B1241 to Kexby, Upton, Springthorpe, Corringham, Pilham, Blyton, Northorpe, Scotton, Scotter and Laughton Woods.

Arriving at Morton, the riders headed into Gainsborough along Ropery Road to finish at Portland Terrace.

On Sunday 11th March there is a leisure ride to Retford suitable for families and beginners – meet at Roseway, Gainsborough, at 9.20am.