Your views wanted on new wind farm - VIDEO

THE PUBLIC have been asked to come forward with feedback, questions and concerns following a pubic exhibition of a proposed wind farm for land near Gainsborough.

SSE Renewables have been exploring the feasibility of generating wind farm on a site to the north east of Corringham with potentially access from Brown’s Holt.

Liam Nevins from Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting Ltd and Chris Harris from SSE at the Brown's Holt Wind Farm exhibition at Corringham Village Hall G110701-8

Liam Nevins from Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting Ltd and Chris Harris from SSE at the Brown's Holt Wind Farm exhibition at Corringham Village Hall G110701-8

The energy firm have said that results of initial environmental investigations and teachnical work suggest that the site could host up to 17 wind turbines that could be up to 126.5 metres tall.

Hundreds attended a public exhibition which took place over a number of days at Corringham Village Hall.

SSE community liason manager Christopher Harris said that they were very keen to engage with the public and local residents.

“We’ve been very pleased that people have been along with an open mind,” he said. “We’re very enthusiastic to get initial feedback from the community, and we’ll be coming back later this year to inform residents how their feedback and our own investigations have impacted on the project.”

He continued: “We need to find a site that’s considered to be a windy area and we carry out studies and investigatons to look for areas which fall outside of nationally designated areas and that are easily accesible. It would only take up a small percentage of the area in question, and the rest of the land can still be used for its initial purpose.”

SSE Renewables also say that they would also establish long-term funds to support community projects.

The Community Benefit Fund would allow local residents to determine for themselves how the money could be used for amenities, education, charity, social enterprises or environmental purposes.

“As well as looking to secure renewable energy for the country, we’re also looking to provide a Community Benefit Fund,” continued Christopher. “When a similar prject was acquired in Keadby, they were given £100,000 per year for the operation of the wind farm which will be available for 25 years.”

“We’d like to think that we’ve taken a proactive approach, and would love the local public to feel free to get in touch with any further feedback and questions.”

David Friend from Brook Street in Hemswell, is a consulting engineer who has worked in the energy sector for over 30 years and has been handing out leaflets in favour of the wind farm.

“We’ve had a number of meetings and exhibitions about how we need to look after the energy situation,” he said. “I have no vested interest in this - I just believe in it.”

“Instead of just the firms and the landlords benefitting from this, I’d like to see the public sharing more of the financial benefits - perhaps through community ownership.”

“I’ve met with many people about this and it’s mainly older ones who are against it - which seems profoundly selfish.”

He added: “I’m over 60 and have always had cheap energy available on tap but those days are over. This is not the time for NIMBY’s, we need to fight for energy for the next two generations.”

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