Wonder Woman

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During the past 10 years or so, I have attended parish council meetings on a semi-regular basis and upon request delivered their newsletter to 500-600 addresses served by the voluntary parish councillors.

During this time many decisions have had to be made without villagers attending the parish council meetings.

Quite often the same ‘team’ with their friends attended other functions in the village and there is a back-bone of hardworking people described above who for the past 10 years have made it one of the most pleasant communities to live in.

So how can the volunteers get other people to help run the parish council, village church and hall, senior citizen’s Christmas parties and many other events and have a nice school, church and grave yard with a village shop and post office being cared for?

The answer is.... ask District Councillor Mrs Joan Sanger, who deserves a medal!

Brian and Myra Cunliffe

Drover’s End, Beckingham