What is their problem?

Following on from Maurice Hinch’s letter last week regarding the Gainsborough Trinity issue.

He says it is clear the Blues Club will not sell - WHY? Can the Committee open up and tell the people of Gainsborough what their problem is with selling to Peter Swann? Here is a man willing to put money into the club to move forward and I, for one can see no reason why the committe cannot see this is the only way to go. If he walks away, and I wouldn’t blame him after all the hassle he has put up with although I sincerely hope he doesn’t, where does the Blues Club think that will leave their club and, more importantly, Gainsborough Trinity Football Club. Does it not bother them to be responsible for the decline of the team because if Peter goes then I’m convinced the players will too. Mr Hinch says if Peter Swann is not interested he should give someone else a chance invest in the future of the club. Do you see anyone else passionate enough or interested in doing this, I certainly am not aware of anyone. He asks if Peter Swann is ‘in or out’. I think Peter has made it clear he is ‘in’ with sensible terms and discussion with the committee, it’s time they put their own personal feelings aside and thought about the townspeople.

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