We need festival support

Following the AGM meeting of the Gainsborough Riverside Festival, the committee would like to announce the re-election of the committee, but even with the dedicated volunteers, next year’s festival is in serious threat of folding.

This is partly due to funding cuts by councils, this also includes the loss of Gary Cooke as the events coordinator, this role was partly funded by West Lindsey and Gainsborough Town Council.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Gary Cooke for his dedication and hard work over the last five years, all his efforts have helped to make the Riverside Festival a success and one of Lincolnshire’s premier events.

From Oslo to the Isle of Wight, people travelled to attend the festival. We as a committee are fully dedicated to try and keep this community-led event on. We are holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on 9th October at 6.30pm at the Old Hall to ask what is the future of the event?

Without your help and support to raise the necessary finances, the festival unfortunately will cease to be.

We’ve been running for more than a decade now and the festival next year would be to mark the Centenary starts of the First World War and Gainsborough’s Edwardian past.

If you would like to be involved or have any ideas of possible funders, please contact the committee on the Gainsborough Riverside Festival Facebook page or alternatively email at Gainsboroughriversidefestival@yahoo.co.uk.

Gainsborough Riverside Festival Committee