Vulnerable are being made to pay

For almost 200 years the citizens of the UK have asked for political reforms which included a clean up of political corruption, fighting, injustice and oppression.

Then as now, austerity was the name of the game and ordinary working people were seeing their standards of living fall.

All the main political parties agree the fiscal policies being proposed for the next general election. It is the ordinary working people who have subsidised the banks (£1.3t), water, power, health care etc being failed by underfunded outsourcing services in public sector procurement teams, by the following: non-payment of corruption tax at the correct level, by multi- national privateers, non-payment of income tax by elite individuals. Perhaps all the MPs who are responsible for the organisation of key services in previous years can explain why the most vulnerable in our society are now being demonised by the politicians and national media and bearing the brunt of the dogmatic fiscal failures of the past years by all governments.

I don’t recall the new Labour Government advocating the nationalisation of key services during their term in office (1997-2010).

I don’t understand why key services are being privatised by the Conservative and Unionist/Liberal Democrats at a loss to the UK taxpayers of many billions of pounds.

Why is taxpayer’s money used to subsidise privatisation of key services but not good enough to provide key services in the UK to our vulnerable people/citizens?

Victor Meldrew

Name and address supplied