Urban Garden Square!

I just had to write after seeing the story and plans for Whitton’s Gardens in your issue dated 14th March for the proposed hotel etc.

I was under the impression that only 20 per cent of the gardens would be taken for the hotel, which by the way nearly all the residents of Gainsborough do not want and I agree with them. As far as I can see by the picture, all the existing garden will be taken and we will be left with a small plot called Urban Garden Square! Whitton’s Gardens were given to the town’s people, so how can the council just bulldoze these plans through? There is a perfectly good hotel called The White Hart in Lord Street, it just needs modernising and it is in a central position. Why can’t the hotel be put into use again? Outside the old Guildhall is a small raised bed of flowers which is lovely. A large sign next to it says Gainsborough In Bloom, that is a joke! There is another small flower bed on Roseway, nothing at all in the Market Place, it is more like Gainsborough In Gloom! The Market Place looks more like an exercise yard, no trees, plants nothing at all! The ‘powers that be’ seem to think that by laying new pavement from Marshall’s Yard with new street furniture it will bring people into the town centre, to look at what? Nothing! Marshall’s Yard is a pleasure to walk around but the town centre is depressing. Look at Retford with its hanging baskets, the bridge looks lovely with troughs full of flowers. What has our old bridge got - absolutely nothing! How much better would our bridge look with troughs full of flowers.

No matter what new pavements etc you re-do, unless you get the surroundings of the town centre improved no new retailers will want to come here. At the moment it looks as if we have no pride in our old town. Please buck up your ideas and listen to the residents for a change!

W. M.

Concerned resident