True impact of wind turbines

I read your article in last week’s Gainsborough Standard with some interest.

However after checking the Partnerships for Renewables web site and looking at the recent publicity material (see link below) I must say that I was most surprised to see how close the turbines are to Gainsborough. If you view the map (key project information) on page two of the document you can see that the wind farm site is very close to Gainsborough and a considerable distance from Saundby. In fact three of the proposed turbines are very close to the Trent River bank, in the vicinity of the iron railway bridge over the river.

I am sure that many Gainsborough residents, like me, will have assumed that the wind farm was going to be developed adjacent to Saundby village, some distance from the town. The proposed access to the development is shown to be via an existing track opposite the Trent Port Hotel and this will be the route to be taken by the thousands of heavy goods vehicles bringing hardcore and concrete onto the site as well as the low loaders bringing in the turbine sections. The additional traffic during the construction phase, will undoubtedly add to the existing periodic traffic flow problems in the vicinity of the road bridge.

Whilst the developers have arranged a “Consultation Event” to be held at the Gainsborough United Reformed Church (John Robinson Memorial Hall) on 10th October 2013, I wonder how many town residents will be motivated to attend this event? I am sure that many more would show an interest if they were fully aware of the potential impact that this development will have on the approach to and setting of Gainsborough.

It is well known that submitted photomontages do not provide an accurate representation of the true impact of the turbines, however your partial copy of the photomontage only further distorts this view. I believe that the developer’s view showing the Grade 11 Listed Gainsborough road bridge provides a more realistic assessment of the context and impact of the proposed development.

Would it be appropriate to run another item on this issue, in order that the people of Gainsborough might be provided with further information about the potential impact of this proposed development, prior to the consultation event?

Eric Marcroft

(via email)