Train station needs face lift

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We have lived in Walkeringham two years in August having moved from Wortley, Sheffield.

Since moving here we have tried unsuccessfully to use Gainsborough Lea Road Station to catch a train to shop in Lincoln.

Whenever we wish to travel there is never any parking spaces for us to leave our car when travelling. How do people use the train from this station?

Also what a grotty looking place the station is from the front, I cannot comment further because we have never managed to park and walk into the station itself.

If we are to be encouraged to use public transport more, then facilities should be available at the point of departure such as more parking spaces.

The station needs to be more accessible also a damn good clean and a lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss!

On another issue, as for encouragement for people to shop in Gainsborough town centre, why not open up the market place for people to park when it is not being used for other purposes, perhaps that would help as a suggestion.

Thank you for your excellent format in the new Gainsborough Standard, a welcoming weekly read and a must for finding local information.

Mrs Linda Matthews

Brickenhole Lane, Walkeringham