This is just a lot of hot air!

I HAVE a few questions for the Gainsborough councillor who wants Gainsborough people to boycott the outrageous fuel prices in the town.

Such as . . . where are we going to go to fill up, then? Gainsborough’s not exactly surrounded by alternative choices, is it? Unless he wants us to drive into the nearby fields and convert potatoes into fuel, or something.

Even if we decide to drive to Scunthorpe, or Lincoln, or Retford to fill up, the few pence we’d save on the pumps there (if, indeed, there IS any saving) would all be burnt up, and more, on the drive back!

So this “boycott” nonsense is just another load of bluster from a councillor seeking to impress his voters, and nothing more.

Maybe some boffin could work out how to convert all this hot air from councillors into a renewable energy source. Sit them in the back seat and attach a pipe to their mouths, and you could probably circumnavigate the globe without having to fill up at all.

One final question . . . perhaps he could also answer what car he drives. My bet is some huge gas-guzzling 4x4 Land Rover. I’ll bet it’s not a Ford Ka, or a Smart car.

Eagle Eye, Gainsborough