The lights will go out!

In the spring of 2009, I took two young interns to see the Chief Scientific Officer of Drax Power in London.

He was quite unequivocal, ‘The lights will go out in 2015, it’s just a question of arithmetic’.

The boys and I were stunned. We argued he should go on main stream TV to warn the nation. He said, ‘this was not the way, they preferred behind the scene pressure.’ I have been published on many occasions warning of this and now it is ‘semi-official’.

The Drax executives stopped replying to emails, phone calls and letters in 2010. Drax is in my constituency. The reason, of course, was their negotiation with government to secure massive bio-fuel subsides.

Where, one wonders, are the so called guardians of the nation? Public service broadcasting and newspapers, the ‘great and the good’. The Lord Turners of this world with their fat cat salaries.

My wife and I are already stocked with candles, calor gas and a generator. It’s coming folks, and Ed Davey and his cronies will be gone.

Godfrey Bloom

UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire