The land is ours!

I write to you regarding the proposed hotel and cinema, etc which is earmarked for Whitton’s Gardens.

Whoever now owns the land should understand the land was originally and generously given to the people of Gainsborough by Mr Whitton for the purpose of leisure and a riverside walk.

A lot of locals feel the above is unnecessary particularly not a cinema as we have great facilities at the Arts Centre. It shows current films at competitive prices and remember not so long ago it was down for closure. A new cinema would be the death knell to the Arts Centre which is also used by others.

Sadly Gainsborough can never prosper and become more than an over-populated market town with a crumbling infrastructure until it’s allowed to come into the 21st century and given links to the motorway network, thus encouraging companies to Gainsborough to employ an already willing and waiting workforce that would boost the local economy with proper, not part time jobs.

Until then we have to live off the Victorians and memories of W. Marshall who had a shiny new railway system. Gainsborough really tries, but it’s a central government ideology under the title of Austerity and it’s not working (but there always seems money to waste).

We don’t need Mary Portas to tell us how to put a sticky plaster over a gaping wound. Gainsbronians are proud of their town and history and hope that one day it can become the thriving, prosperous town it once was, given a chance!

A. Sanderson