Support annual Festival

I find it extremely distasteful that after 12 years of growth and success, the Gainsborough Riverside Festival is now in jeopardy.

This has been run by local volunteers for those 12 years and planning is well under way for a 13th festival.

We all know the funds are low and WLDC have come out honestly and said they need to save £3m.

Gainsborough Town Council however are not prepared to support the event on the grounds of lack of funds despite reducing their precept in the council tax, in effect reducing their shares of the income received. Are they better off than we realise?

They appear to have enough money to set up their own committee to plan, run and fund their own festival for Gainsborough, the committee is well established and have met a number of times to plan how to, in effect steal the festival from the volunteers who have run it for all those years. The local people probably wont know this, as most of the committee meetings are not made public, with minutes not distributed into the public domain anymore.

2014 sees the 100 year anniversary of the start of the First World War, perhaps a fitting opportunity and a suitable event to say thank you to the brave people who gave their lives for their country.

The festival brings many thousands of people to Gainsborough each year, organised by the people of Gainsborough for the people of Gainborough and beyond.

True localism a subject that our council’s tell us they strive to achieve and promote, is being lost for the glory of a small council. I have to ask why Gainsborough Town Council are not prepared to support the people of Gainsborough who want to promote their town throughout Lincolnshire and beyond.

Ian Mills

Gainsborough resident

and festival supporter