Shame on you Blues Club!

In reply to Matt Lyner of Gainsborough Trinity Supporters’ Club’s side of the story.

In the paragraph, Lyner stated prior to Peter Swann’s involvement in the football club that the Blues Club donated £25,000 for six seasons to the football club. But may I bring to the attention of Blues Supporters’ Club, was this not the money they got from the sale of the land (garages) which were sold for a vast sum which the football club was entitled to anyway?

A lot of things went off at GTFC prior to Mr Swann’s arrival as chairman. Blues Club are trying to put all the blame on Peter Swann (chairman), no cash flow, could not donate any money to the football club due to down turn in trade. What’s happened to the money they had in the past? In the present, I will tell you stop paying a five figure sum of money to a secretary for the use of subidising three or four holidays and getting repairs done by cowboy traders. You scratch my back, I will scratch yours! Also saying they were not stalling over the sale of the ground, I can assure the Blues Club they were trying to force Peter Swann’s hand as far as they could, well they the Blues Club have now succedded (shame on you).

All I have read with this story from the Blues Club is and I quote “The blame is not us” excuses, excuses

In my personal opinion, the Blues Club committee were to blame wholeheartedly, instead of getting their own house in order and cooperating with people on their committee.

I wish Mr Peter Swann and his family all the best in the future, it’s the football club’s loss and someone else’s gain.

A. Footitt

Torr Street, Gainsoborough