Saving water is priority

When some kind neighbours recently moved house, they asked me if I wanted a rain butt that they no longer required. I took up their offer.

Do you know, I hadn’t thought about it before, but how much precious tap water do I use during the summer months? It’s frightening really, to think I’ve only a small garden and no car or large vehicle to hose down. How much would I use then!

In times of austerity, surely it would make sense if all recently constructed dwellings had a rain water collection system built into them, especially on huge warehouses etc where the roof area would collect volumes of water to recycle. The water could be used to flush the toilets, wash vehicles or used in washing machines rather than chemically treated and therefore relatively expensive water!

I feel guilty about what resources or lack of them, that we are leaving for our children and grandchildren to work with. Surely the initiatives shown by political leaders should move in a more caring and sharing way? Or am I asking too much of their present mentality?

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree