Reply about the TVA

I would like to let your readers know I had received a phone call from Councillor David Dobby about your paper and TVA and the letter page and what is being said.

Cllr Dobby stated that as chair of Gainsborough Lib Dem and on the town council Lib Dem group that they have meeting so they all can say the same! Cllr Dobby told me that I was wrong to write a letter to the paper! Am I wrong to stand up for parents at TVA?

Cllr Dobby said that all special needs children need to go to Warren Wood School and all children with High functioning Autism should all go to QEHS! Is this really what the Lib Dem wants no special needs children at TVA? And why?

In reply to Robert McDonald letter many of your town councillors give up their own free time and put their own hands in their pockets to help out not just the Mayor; Last year I went to the annual Dinner of the Poppy Appeal, St Georges Day parade and the opening of McDonald as the mayor did not go to them, plus many more and have never asked for any money off the town council for this or the tax payers.

And as for the Angry and upset Gainsbronian is this person not a teacher at TVA? As TVA had the OFSTED Report back in May and the rest of us a few weeks ago!

On 24/06/11 The Standard reported (“The academy provides a satisfactory education for its students,” it said in the Ofsted report.) On the 26/06/13, two years on The Standard reported (“Parents have been left shocked after a damning Ofsted report rated Trent Valley Academy as being inadequate - the lowest possible rating.”) What went wrong? TVA is here for our children and we should ask questions after all this is our children future at stake!

Councillor Robin Perry

Gainsborough Town Council