Remembering cycle shop

Back in 2006, the Worksop Guardian featured a truly wonderful article on the then 80 year old cycle shop in Clowne.

Yes, Mrs Rattue who took over the running of the shop In 1981 after her husband passed away, was perhaps the very last links to Clowne’s historic past regarding original features in a shop.

Sadly, Mrs Rattue also passed away recently and at her funeral it was very touching to hear how resourceful she was during her lifetime.

When Clowne Parish Council opened their skateboard and BMX park in the new millennium, I would often witness Mrs Rattue sifting through old chocolate and toffee tins of assorted nuts and bolts etc that her husband had collected throughout the years.

Young lads would often come in with broken bikes, skateboards and scooters after parts had come adrift and they were near to tears.

In the majority of cases, Mrs Rattue would manage to find something (or some part) that would fix the fault and the delight on the lads’ faces was marvellous to see. She wouldn’t charge the young lads anything either. A true Christian lady if ever there was one!

Let’s hope that the original 19920’s fixtures and fittings of W. D. Rattue’s Cycle Shop can be preserved, as they are in immaculate condition.

If Mr Straw’s House is deemed as of Historic Significance, then this particular shop in Clowne most definitely is!

Let’s hope the powers that be recognise ‘the jewel’ that is in their mist!

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree