Remembering Charlie

With regards to your Those Were The Days article in the Worksop Guardian on 12th July about Charles Parker, I knew Charlie when he was a very old man.

He had a garage on the corner of Victoria Road and Potter Street, there are flats there now.

I used to take my bike to be mended, it was a dark black greasy place with one light bulb hanging down.

In the doorway was a big black car with covers over it, he used to be sat in the back room in a scruffy old armchair by the side of an old stove surrounded by bike and car bits. All the shelves were filled with tools and other stuff.

I was a bit scared of him, he used to bark “What do you want?”, asked what was wrong with the bike then told me to come back tomorrow. The bike was always in good working order after he had mended it.

He used to ride home every night to his home somewhere on Queen Street.

Towards the end of his life my uncle who had a pharmacy next door, went in every day to see if he was ok - and found one day he had died. He was a character.

Mrs M. Marsden

Red Kite Close, Worksop