Reasons for withholding food

With reference to the letters that I have read re: palliative care... I can feel the pain that these people are still experiencing because they felt that their loved ones were allegedly abused of sorts in the last days of their lives.

How sad, to think that they cannot put their feelings to rest with their loss.

I have worked in the industry for many years and have looked after the many that have passed over, most in much the same circumstances. However, it is true to say that every passing is different because people are different in their body chemistry especially in the last stages of their lives.

With holding food and fluids has been deliberated for many years and professionally researched and documented; it is known that it can help the body to cope with recovery, critical illness or eventual passing.

Many think that it is a staple of life and must therefore prolong life, yes indeed, when the body is balanced and has a good and well physiology. However, when the body starts to close down and prepare itself for death, which is the ultimate result of critical illness and can happen at any point during the same then food and fluids can make the situation worse. What it actually needs is respite from them to help it cope.

Continue with this understanding and consider then that giving the body staples may create physiological havoc and a struggle within the body that it really doesn’t need and mostly can’t cope with hastening the death.

The body is a canny instrument; in the main it is prepared for every event of its physiological life... When it comes to a point of stress crisis it produces a substance / hormone called ‘endorphin’ ... Endorphins are like a natural opiates.

Endorphins are produced naturally to help the body cope and keep balance, without which illness occurs, mentally, physically and spiritually, an element of the eventual mind.... Consider having a drug, naturally produced that perfectly suits your body!

When food and fluids are withheld natural crisis is induced and the body will produce this substance in abundance... So you see that the professionals are really trying to stimulate the body into producing this substance so that it can do what is perfectly natural to it, recover and its many connotations or pass ....

Please note that people still do experience thirst, however when endorphins are released in abundance and has the opportunity to work with the body then even that is taken on board and the thirst subsides in acceptance...

I see the anguish on relatives faces and their pain. How can anybody tell them at that point that as their loved ones cry for help that we really are giving them help, the best we know how... Grief supersedes all.

I have personally witnessed recovery from such people that have had the treatment because their bodies could be healed, remember healing comes from within not without. If physiological bodies can’t be healed then without the stress of body shutdown people can be afforded dignity and a stress free passing...

Please accept that our professionals are trained to assist and protect ill people, giving them the best care by supporting their passing or recovery naturally because other drugs really can’t do the same...

We are still researching endorphins and much of the research is well documented and published. It may help the reader to find out for themselves.

Please find a new peace of mind with this understanding.