Readers Letter: Tip fire is intolerable

As local councillors we have both recently contacted the Environment Agency regarding the recent fire at Notts Recycling Ltd on Sandy Lane and we are extremely concerned about this problem.

The situation is intolerable for our local residents and we back calls to solve the problems by all concerned with a full investigation carried out by the Environment Agency.

Worksop residents and the Emergency services have better things to do than to constantly take action due to the fires at this location. Local residents and businesses deserve better than having to endure the constant fallout from a site and an immediate solution is needed to prevent any further problems. Any future plans to install an incinerator on this site are frankly laughable and we strongly oppose them in the interests of our local residents and the businesses in this area. We appeal for common sense to prevail and for any plans for an incinerator to be confined to the recycling bin

David Pressley &Kevin Greaves

Cllrs - North West Ward