READER LETTER: Car Parks - Too many permit holders

Gainsborough Market Place G110830-7b
Gainsborough Market Place G110830-7b

The Gainsborough mayor had an article published in the April 17 edition of the Gainsborough Standard in which he described the town-centre as ‘soulless, uninviting and horrible’.

These are my sentiments exactly.

I describe it as a vast space of nothingness.

Certainly not the vibrant and thriving market town it once was. If the town is to become alive again there needs to be plenty of car-parking for shoppers close to the shops and facilities. However, at present all the town centre car parks are almost full of cars displaying parking permits.

This clearly has an impact on the small businesses as customers are unable to park close to the premises they are visiting.

Also, after waiting for a month to get a doctor’s appointment, patients do not need the hassle of driving around looking for a parking space and risk missing their appointment by being late.

I have visited all of the town centre car parks and was amazed to find that all but one of them offers long-term parking.

The exception is Roseway which is a maximum four-hour stay. The North Street car park is marked as all day so surely the right place for permit holders, but it is usually less than half-full.

I believe that a reasonable solution would be to designate the two car parks close to the town centre ie Caskgate St/shop court and Bridge St/Hickman St to shoppers by making them into short-term parking with a maximum four hour stay.

Permit holders should not be allowed to use these two car parks. With the imminent closure of the multi-storey car park the problem is going to be further exacerbated.Something must be done to redress the parking problem in Gainsborough and help to resuscitate our lovely town.

Alwyn Hill

A lifelong Gainsbronian