Put hotel on school site

I’VE been hearing a lot of complaints from my fellow Gainsborians about the plan to build a new hotel on Whitton’s Gardens by the riverside.

I also remember last month when the Gainsborough Standard wrote about the vandalism done to the old Lea Road School building which has been sadly empty for years.

Well, here’s an idea: PUT THE HOTEL IN THE SCHOOL.

I figured it out all by myself and I’m not a councillor, nor do I have a degree in urban planning - it’s just common sense.

By the sounds of it, the County Council consider it a burden to keep maintaining this building, and local heritage groups and residents are sadenned to see this beautiful and historic building going to waste and falling into disrepair.

Just kill two birds with one stone. Sell the school building to Premiere Inn or Best Western or something - it’s perfect.

It’s a wonderful, spacious and pretty piece of local history with BAGS of potential. Vast spaces for a restaurant, bar, conference rooms, reception, bedrooms etc.

It’s also in a prime riverside location, near to that new retail park they want to build on Carr Lane and has easy access to the town centre, the train station and roads that head out towards Lincoln and Doncaster.

You have to admit, ‘The Old Schoolhouse Hotel, Gainsborough’ has a great ring to it as well ? Am I right?

Hell, if I had the money I’d buy it and make it happen myself. Sadly, money is quite scarce here in Gainsborough - as you know.

Maybe I should go on Dragon’s Den?

I pray that someone clever clogs at the council is reading this, or perhaps some wiley and brave entrepreneur. I hope that my genius rubs off on you and that my beautiful dream becomes a reality - SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN - PLEASE!