Public invite to meeting

There has been much written of late on the proposals to redevelop the Elswitha Quarter.

Some of it is accurate but some misleading, so I would like to put the record straight on one aspect of the closed meeting West Lindsey District Council held on February 25th.

At this meeting I proposed that a public meeting be called by WLDC to enable the project to be discussed with the people of Gainsborough. Although my proposal was duly seconded Cllr Jessie Milnes who chaired the meeting failed to call a vote on my proposal on the grounds that the public can have their say when the matter comes before the planning committee. Even reporting this will offend the secrecy obsessed members of West Lindsey Council as it happened at a meeting to which the public were excluded.

I am not sure who supplied the plan published in the Gainsborough Standard on March 14th but to date no planning application has been received by West Lindsey. The people of Gainsborough should not have to wait until plans are submitted. Therefore through the pages of the Gainsborough Standard I would like to ask the public if they wish to attend a meeting to which West Lindsey officers , the developer and potential tenants would be invited to make presentations to the people of Gainsborough?

Cllr Mick Tinker

Liberal Democrat Councillor

West Lindsey District Council