Problems are due to the EU

Yes, we do want an in/out of EU referendum and the sooner we get this referendum the better.

I am fed up of being lectured by the people in power who tell us that it will be a massive disaster for the UK if we quit the EU. I strongly believe that will be the case if we stay in the EU!

Fifty years ago, the UK wasn’t in the then called Common Market and the UK was doing perfectly well with jobs, manufacturing and industries etc. Today, we find lots of our businesses have gone abroad and lot of people are being made redundant because of cuts or closure of their workplaces.

Most of the unwanted laws and rules that we didn’t have before we joined the EU comes from the EU and if the UK stays, they could one day impose even stricter rules on us including enforcing us to drive on the right side of the road, don’t think it can’t happen!

I’ve already made my mind up on which party is going to get my vote in the 2015 general election and I’m not going to change my mind!

Dick Appleyard

Lingfield Close, Saxilby